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Anatomical Ceramic Sculptures by Mexican artist Maria Garcia-Ibanez.


Of course I would like fairies, I am a fairy.

our ends are beginnings


so here’s the deal: I recently moved back in with my family in a new state and am trying to crawl out the other side of a serious bout of mental illness. I’ve borrowed a little money to buy a vehicle and am getting some help from a low-cost clinic so I can push myself to the point where I’m able to work again, but I still have a little ways to go. I’m borrowing from my family, who can’t really afford it, to pay for things like medication (a new prescription that might finally help me stabilise is at best $25 a month) and the insurance and license and gas for my moped, because I am now completely broke.

so I’m selling the one marketable talent I have — music. I’m going to be recording a lot of songs over the next week or two, and you can drop a dollar or two in the metaphorical hat if you like what you hear, either via Bandcamp or my Paypal donate button (I get a larger percentage if it goes straight to Paypal). all songs can be downloaded for free regardless.

we’ll start out with a cover of Noah Gundersen’s “O Death”. thank you, and enjoy. :)

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Fourteen would have been freshman year of high school (and the beginning of sophomore year), which would have marked the end of my first intense phase of Phantom of the Opera fandom. 

Selfies of when I finally got my braces off!

I started doing a lot more theatre in high school so I’m sure I would have talked a lot about that and made obnoxious inside joke posts about every show I did.

My bff-who-is-still-my-bff and I first became really close this year, so I would probably have talked a lot about how great she is!

I also dated someone for the first time this year. He played Conrad in Bye Bye Birdie and had excellent hair, but I got tired of him talking about how I was sooooooo lucky that he wasn’t ~pressuring me or ~cheating on me so I broke up with him (but not until I was fifteen!).

? apprenticemockingbird

The Babysitters’ Club! Mary Anne was my girl, and my bff loved Dawn. I secretly wanted to be Claudia.

I cut my hair short like Mary Anne did this year (it looked more like the movie version though), which marks the first of many physical transformations I made to look like characters I liked.

I was also still into the American Girl dolls I think. I had Samantha and Addy and loved all the books.

Is this the year Kiss From a Rose was released? I think I’d talk about that, too. FEEEELLLIINGS.

This is the first year I did any theatre and I played Marie Antoinette in the school play, and I had a crush on the boy who played Mozart. My class also did a play and I was cast as Lana the Ladybug. 

send me an age and ill tell you what i would have been blogging about when i was that old


It will no doubt be mortifying, but do it!

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